Egg Salad

My husband has been working from home a lot more lately.  Consequently, he requested I make him some protein-packed lunches (to keep him from running out and grabbing something quick but not so healthy).  After thinking about it, I decided that egg salad and tuna salad were perfect.  Today, I’m sharing my egg salad recipe.  […]

Pickle Chicken

Are you ready for this two (yes I said two) ingredient chicken dish?? Okay, technically it’s 3 ingredients (if you count ground black pepper as an “ingredient”).  And, it’s the perfect use of all that flavorful liquid that is left in a pickle jar. I give you Pickle Chicken! It’s really a quite simple concept: […]

New Blog!

Hi everyone.  In case you haven’t noticed, I have given Cookbook Meals a huge makeover!!  I feel like it’s finally an official blog! In short, I have made the leap from Tumblr to WordPress.  While I loved using Tumblr the past three and a half years, WordPress really just offers so much more.  (Personally, I love […]