Entrée Turkey

Cheddar & Jalapeno Turkey Burgers

So, I keep seeing commercials for Burger King’s new cheddar & jalapeno burger.  Every time see it, I want one.  So I decided last night to make my own healthier version.

I combined a pound of ground turkey with two finely chopped jalapenos, about 1/3 cheddar cheese (small dice), and about 1/3 cup medium salsa (to keep the burgers moist).  I grilled the burgers indoors.  Served on Arnold’s Multigrain Sandwich Thins topped with more salsa.  They were delicious and moist!  Definitely satisfied my craving.  I made a cucumber tomato salad and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (there was a box in my pantry…I just couldn’t resist!).

This recipe is a keeper!


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