Italian Style Scrambled Eggs

Made a quick and yummy breakfast this morning: my Italian style scrambled eggs.

  • Start by chopping 1 clove garlic and 1 plum tomato.
  • Heat a little EVOO in a pan.
  • Add the garlic and tomato; sauté until soft.

  • Meanwhile, whisk 2 eggs together with pepper, a splash of skim milk, and some grated parmesan cheese.

  • Chiffonade a little fresh basil.  (Pile the leaves up, roll into a cigar, and slice into thin strips.)

  • Add the basil to the tomatoes and garlic, then add the egg mixture.

  • Let cook until solid, then break up with a spoon.  (The initial plan was to make this an omelet, but the flipping aspect was not happening.  I think it’s because I added cheese directly to the egg mixture.  Also, I normally use but, not EVOO when making an omelet.)  Even though it didn’t go as planned, it was still yummy!


I'm a middle school math teacher by day and a total food enthusiast by night.

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