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Hi everyone.  In case you haven’t noticed, I have given Cookbook Meals a huge makeover!!  I feel like it’s finally an official blog!

In short, I have made the leap from Tumblr to WordPress.  While I loved using Tumblr the past three and a half years, WordPress really just offers so much more.  (Personally, I love the Slider on the top of the page – it features my last 5 posts.)  Now, anyone (not just Tumblr users) can comment on posts.  It is also easier to search for things and contact me.  You can also subscribe via email to my posts.  So exciting!  Definitely check out the amazing new sidebar and all of its features!  I also have a new Pinterest and Instagram (my Twitter has not changed).

I am still keeping my Tumblr, though, because I truly do value my 7000+ followers on it.  I would never leave you hanging!  All of my posts will also be found on http://cookbookmeals.tumblr.com in addition to the new and improved https://www.cookbookmeals.com.  (If you are having difficulty accessing either site, you may need to clear your browser’s cache/cookies.)

The best news about my switch is that all of my prior posts (all 300+ of them) have been transferred to this new awesome site.  I am the process of categorizing them and adding a feature picture (which is so cool!) to each of them.  It is definitely a time-consuming process though, so please bear with me.  If you have an old post in mind that you are looking for, use the search bar on the right side to help you find it quickly.

Perhaps the most annoying negative news about my switch is that any post that you have pinned or bookmarked in the past is now a broken link.  I am going to tackle my pins as soon as I finish categorizing all of my old posts.  There are two simple solutions, though, to help you find an old favorite recipe:

  1. Just add “.tumblr” in between cookbookmeals and .com in the saved link.  (For example: change https://www.cookbookmeals.com/post/63932825062/deviled-eggs to http://www.cookbookmeals.tumblr.com/post/63932825062/deviled-eggs)
  2. Use the contact me form at the bottom of this post.  Just enter your email and the old post you are looking for and I will get back to asap with the new link.

I am super excited about all of these exciting changes, so please just be patient during the changeover process!  Thanks!  And, if you have comments or questions, just comment below!  (Tumblr or Disqus accounts no longer needed!!)

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I'm a middle school math teacher by day and a total food enthusiast by night.

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