Best Recipes from 2011

After reviewing all my posts from this past year, here is my top ten list for 2011:

#10.) Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheesehttps://www.cookbookmeals.com/post/4820312248/buffalo-chicken-mac-cheese

#9.) Spicy Chicken with Peppers and Basilhttps://www.cookbookmeals.com/post/6540625763/spicy-chicken-with-peppers-and-basil

#8.) Chicken Parmesan Burgershttps://www.cookbookmeals.com/post/7324906910/chicken-parmesan-burgers

#7.) Tilapia with Green Beanshttps://www.cookbookmeals.com/post/4647306805/tilapia-with-green-beans

#6.) Tilapia with Tomatoes and Kalamata Oliveshttps://www.cookbookmeals.com/post/7828563562/tilapia-with-tomatoes-kalamata-olives

#5.) Bruschetta Chickenhttps://www.cookbookmeals.com/post/11583167478/bruschetta-chicken

#4.) Fajita Style Burgershttps://www.cookbookmeals.com/post/11541062313/fajita-style-burgers

#3.) Corned Beefhttps://www.cookbookmeals.com/post/3844007626/saint-patricks-day-feast

#2.) Summer Couscous Saladhttps://www.cookbookmeals.com/post/10188902002/summer-couscous-salad

#1.) And, my all-time favorite recipe from 2011 is…..Mediterranean Chicken over Saffron Couscous!  https://www.cookbookmeals.com/post/4218885569/medi

What are your favorites from 2011?  Reply or comment here or on our facebook page(http://www.facebook.com/cookbookmeals)!


I'm a middle school math teacher by day and a total food enthusiast by night.

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