Cabbage Side Dish

Saint Patrick’s Day Feast – the Sides!

Okay, so onto the cabbage and potatoes…

Steamed Cabbage:

  • I cut three heads of green cabbage into 6 wedges.  (Keep the core intact; it will hold the cabbage together while it cooks.)
  • Place the cabbage into a large pot; cover with water and add a little salt.
  • Cover and let simmer for about 20-25 minutes, until tender.
  • Remove cabbage from water and season with s&p.

That’s it!  It’s really simple.

*NOTE: This fed a lot of people, so only use 1 head if you are making it just for yourself.

Fried Cabbage:

This is a huge hit.  I love this dish.  It’s my Mom’s recipe:

  • Chop some onion.
  • Chop up your green cabbage.
  • Melt a good amount of butter.  (My mom uses an electric frying pan.)
  • Add the onion and cook until soft.
  • Add the cabbage.
  • Cover and cook until soft and brown, stirring often and adding more butter as needed.


Really simple recipe as well.  I used red bliss potatoes and made 10 pounds for 20 people.

  • Cut your potatoes into the same size pieces (so that they cook evenly).
  • Place in a large pot; cover with water.
  • Add a little salt.
  • Cover the pot and bring to a boil.
  • Cook until fork-tender.
  • Drain, and add butter and s&p to taste.

Best part about the typical Irish sides is that they are easy recipes to follow and do not take a long time to make.  They also reheat well.  I made all three the night before, put in tins in the fridge, and then heated in the oven.  Just add a little more butter to the potatoes so they don’t brown.  I also made carrots and served rye and Irish soda bread with dinner.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!


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